Balliemore, a Par 4, appears innocuous. Long hitters will be able to reach the green, others will drive into a bowl before continuing to the green. But don't be deceived - like all our holes there is not much space with which to work. Out of bounds on the left, mature trees on the right, two bunkers and a tight sloping green give a taste of the accuracy required to score well on our course.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Red Men   4 10 299
   White   4 10 299
   Yellow   4 10 292
   Red   4 10 294
   White   4 10 299
   Yellow   4 10 292

Saving Wildcats

Saving Wildcats (#SWAforLife) is a European partnership project dedicated to Scottish wildcat conservation and recovery.

We aim to prevent the extinction of wildcats in Scotland by breeding and releasing them into the wild.

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