The second, Castle Roy, is a Par 3, frequently the cause of much angst. Although short, it packs a punch - a pond, heather, two fences, a road and three bunkers all protect a split level green.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Red Men   3 17 114
   White   3 17 114
   Yellow   3 17 112
   Red   3 17 112
   White   3 17 114
   Yellow   3 17 112

Red Door Gin

Red Door Gin's  idea was simple; to capture the spirit of Scotland’s majestic mountains, forests and coastal fringes in a deliciously distinctive, small-batch Highland gin.

Handcrafted in our copper pot still, Peggy, Red Door Gin is a London Dry Gin vapour-infused with a heart of finest juniper and unique selection of locally-inspired botanicals.

Beautifully balanced with a sumptuously smooth mouthfeel, Red Door Gin can be sipped and savoured neat, or enjoyed as the base to a sensational gin and tonic.

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