Balnagowan, is our toughest hole, a Par 4 which has fluctuated with being a Par 5 and is now a Par 5 for the ladies off the white tees. There is a long drive off the tee to reach the fairway before there is a short and steep hill. Long hitters might aim to reach the top of the hill from the tee which then gives a very make-able second shot to the green. The majority aim to get onto the top of the hill with their second shot. The green itself poses the next problem - it's contoured into various hollows and domes.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Red Men   4 1 418
   White   4 1 418
   Yellow   4 1 365
   Red   4 1 360
   White   5 1 418
   Yellow   4 1 365

Abernethy Sports Therapy and Massage

Pain and injury clinic located at Abernethy Golf Club, Nethy Bridge, suitable for anyone athletes and non-athletes.

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